“Gagan’s tattoo inn” was established in 2002 A.D in Lakeside, Pokhara after Mohan has left Pokhara. Nepal’s premiere tattoo and piercing studio was in hand of Gagan and Gagan never let its name and fame to be down and its still running with same name and fame. Then again Gagan gave a new branch to KTM (Kathmandu) and still it’s a hit one.

“Gagan’s tattoo inn” is the best tattoo in Nepal. Here you can re-design tattoos, cover-up tattoos, and there are tons of tattoo piece where you can choose with best hygiene method. You ca get sterilization needles with new ink in individual ink caps and contamination prevention material like barrier film, germicidal cleaners and many more.

within this website you can see the result of the Gagan tattoo inn’s work which was born by the hands of Gagan Thapa and other artist of Gagan Tattoo Inn. Some results of Gagan Thapa’s work has been in perlombakan at national and international level.